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Outdated Classic Grey Alien race Enraged Koala 1.3.1

Grey aliens - now with a twist!

  1. New ship - new head options - new racial food - and more!

    Changelog v. 1.1.0
    * Updated the codex so the background story can be accessed after starting a game (Thanks to Xtomass@youtube for the review)
    * Added 3 extra head options
    * Changed fuelhatch to Element 115 container (Animated)
    * New and improved U.F.O (inspired by the old x-com games(R)
    * Added Grey specific farmable food - Psifruit!
    * Fixed emotes (wasn't covering the entire eye)
    * Fixed the arm when wielding pick axe or food!
    " Started tier1 armor (missing legs and sleeves still)
    " Custom starter treasure pool (psifruit and "nude" armor)
    * Made starter treasure include "nude" cosmetic items

    I'm working on a lot more - but with Christmas and all :D I hope to update soon!
    Have fun in Angry Koala!
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