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Classic Food Mechanics v1.7.0

No more rotting or unstackable food!

  1. Patch 1.1

    • There is a bug where if a food item has the rotting metadata before the mod installs, it stays unstackable even after installing the mod. This update adds a "Food Refresher" that acts like the decomposer, except - instead of getting rotten food - you get the food item again. This seems pointless and weird, but it's the best fix I can do as of right now with my limited JSON and LUA knowledge. The subsequent recipe is also available in the basic crafting menu for 100 pixels as well.
    • Another additions to the mod is it also removes the "build" field. This was a necessary step to make the output food items of the refresher work/stack properly.
    • The last change is now the max stack for all the food items affected is 1000 instead of 999.
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