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Outdated ChromaticBound Upbeat Giraffe

Enhances contrast, colors and bloom in Starbound by post-process effects.

  1. Baleur
    Actually started as an ENB mod for Rimworld (and this version is nearly identical, so if you play that game as well, feel free to use it for both!), to add a bit of "otherworldliness" feeling to it, a bit more sharpness as well as improved contrast during night and a bit of enhanced bloom for light sources or those hot sunny days.

    Funnily enough the same settings for Rimworld looks great in Starbound as well with only minimal tweaks!
    It is tuned to provide more contrast and darkness during nights or low light levels, increased highlights and vibrance during high light levels as well as some bloom (teleporting, heavy weapons fire, lightning, fire, etc). It also adds a very slight subtle chromatic aberration to add a flair of otherworldliness feel to the game, it makes the lighting and tiles "pop" and their details be defined a bit more.

    --FIRST TIME--
    Best first experience is to simply toggle it on and off in the main menu, observing the changes to the background.
    Then go into the character creation, random some nice characters and again toggle it on and off.
    Every pixel in the characters pop into life a bit more. Furthermore, your Novakids will finally actually glow.

    Unpack into Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\win32
    It will NOT work in OpenGL (hence not in 64bit either unfortunately), due to how these postprocess injectors work, sadly. So when starting the game from Starbounds launcher, remember to hit the normal "Launch Starbound" button on the far left or you'll see no changes.

    Shift+CapsLock toggles the entire mod on/off while ingame. Enjoy making and posting your own before/after shots in the comments below or in the discussion thread! Help others decide if they like it or not, or share your own tweaks!

    Included screens for comparison, before and after.
    (Apologize for windowed mode, had to use good old vanilla windows print screen as the steam screenshots do not properly capture post-process effects)





    1. 1.JPG
    2. 2.JPG
    3. 3.JPG
    4. 4.JPG
    5. 5.JPG
    6. 6.JPG
    7. 7.JPG
    8. 8.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. seancruz
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe
    Really love the effect. The only drawback is that the mouse cursor slows down once I teleport to a world.
  2. greenRAM
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe
    The screen shots don't do it justice. The effect is dramatic in game. I love it especially at night.
  3. Katrina Sinclaire
    Katrina Sinclaire
    Version: Upbeat Giraffe
    Looks great in-game! The screenshots are nice, but seeing it in motion is all the better. This can impact your performance a bit, but that's just the nature of ENB tweaks.

    It's heartening to know that these work with Starbound. Though they may never be as diverse as Skyrim's selection, just the subtle changes made here make for an even more atmospheric universe.