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Chozo (Experimental) 0.9.8

Samus Weapons, suits and power

  1. Recipes fix, add new beams

    Recipes fix & two new beams:
    Imperialist beam
    Nova beam
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  2. Morphball Beta.

    Morphball Beta. =(
    Used mech code, normal morhball has not turned to force to put a bomb =)
    While it is possible to use this (all functions except the smooth animation).

    --- Bomb jump ---

    Same bug with getting stuck after rejoining as in the original morphball.

    Always keep a copy of the game saves.

    Morphball not working in unstable v.

    /aiaction {"action" : "showTech", "techName" : "morphballv1"}
    /spawnitem blanktechcard
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  3. Small bug fix & sfx

    Replacing sfx.

    I have decided it is better to make the classic effects separately.
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  4. Missiles update..

    Missile, Super missile, Ice Missile and Diffusion Missile now available.
    Probably still be further developed, but the basic is ready.
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  5. Next step

    Added power, varia and gravity suits.
    Slightly changed liquid physics (not working in unstable
    starbound releases).
    Added shield systems and Oxygen Supply. (testing)
    Internal light source.
    Space exploration and the planets become easier.
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