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Chozo (Experimental) 0.9.8

Samus Weapons, suits and power

  1. fusion 0_0

    Added Fusion suit, new fly enemies.
    smal fix&rebalance.
    (experimental) Errors may occur if you find let me know

    No slow water
  2. small bug fix &res. fix sorry.

    Small bug fix &res. fix sorry.
    Smal rebalance beam.
    Add Monsterspawn "Metroid"

    Link Water no slow
  3. small bug fix (no mestation crafting)

    small bug fix (no mestation crafting)
  4. small bug fix (no mestation crafting)

    small bug fix (no mestation crafting) sorry)
  5. Fix

    Doors position fix.
    Add monsters spawn.
    Armor&beam small rebalance.
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  6. Doorssss!

    Finally the door again added =)
    + Micro secret doors=)
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  7. Update game 1.0, not mod

    Partial update.
    There may be some bugs, including visual.
    While not finish doors and blocks.
    beam depend heavily on suit.
    Test mode.

    Dark-light-imp-nova-phazon beam changed.
    the rest later completed yet. Upgrade all the same I did not go a little ..
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  8. Stable up.

    Building on the latest stable version.
    Added Solar System FS-176 (test -without dungeon without enemies), zero suit.
    Slightly improved the behavior of the enemies (of mod).
    Changed texture / fluid mechanics.

    Screwattack( Quacksol mod )/morpball - available only if you create a character from scratch. Has not yet decided how to attribute the old character, techitem not working. =(
    Bug fix update ...
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  9. Bug fixes and the addition of enemies.

    The errors are associated with the release of a new version of the game.
    Added manually spawn enemies (for the test).
    Much more that we should finish that will come later.

    Since the project is very large, even before the release should be finished a lot.

    Just past the script morphball did not want to work I had yet to attach a simpler (at the time), plus made that we could use the weapon.

    There are bugs with the release of the next version of the game.
  10. Nothing has changed, corrected an error.

    So far, no update, been replaced by a link.
    Additional links many do not see.