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Chip Maker MK Ia

This mod allows you to condense logic circuits into a microchip.

  1. Sectrix
    Chipmaker is a mod that allows you to condense logic circuits down to a microchip, reducing clutter and making your builds look slightly more appealing.

    1. First, spawn chipmaker and build your circuit the regular way.

    2. Next, interact with the chipmaker console, and spawn the appropriate number of input and output probes.

    3. Place the probes, and wire them to your circuit's inputs and outputs. The wire nodes that are next to the probes should be wired to the circuit.


    4. Then, wire the probes to the chipmaker console. The wire nodes that are over the probes should be connected to the console.


    5. Interact with each probe and assign it a pin number. This determines which input/output each probe represents when the final microchip is created. You can also provide an optional description of the pin's function. Click 'Save' when done.


    6. Interact with the chipmaker console, and click the 'Analyze' button. The chipmaker will now test your circuit, showing you the overall progress.


    7. When complete, the 'Generate' button will appear allowing you to spawn as many microchips as you need.


    8. Place the microchip, and wire it in place of your original circuit. The microchip is functionally identical to the original logic.


    9. Interact with the microchip to see the pin list and their descriptions.



    • Chipmaker does not work with any circuit containing latches, timers, or feedback loops. In other words: combinational logic only; sequential logic will not work.
    • Chipmaker has a limit of 8 inputs or outputs.
    • Pin 1 is the topmost pin on the microchip. The last pin is on the bottom.
    • The microchip will break if you take it down after placing it. You'll need to put up another, or make a new one.
    • Special thanks to Penguin Toast for the awesome GUI tools.
    • Special thanks to 1nfinitezer0 for the much prettier graphics.


    • Duplicate pin: You have two or more input or output probes with pins that have the same pin number.
    • Pin not set: You have not assigned a pin number to one or more probes.
    • Pin out of range: You have assigned a probe a pin number that is greater than the number of input or output probes. For example, you have three input probes, but assigned one of the probes as pin 4.
    • Missing probes: You do not have any input or output probes connected to the chipmaker console.

    Since the chipmaker can't do latches, timers, or feedback loops, it's use may be somewhat limited. It is rather simple to create a microchip that is hard-coded to do common tasks, like a chip for automatic doors, or an airlock system, or pretty much anything else. If anyone is interested in a custom chip for their wiring needs, send me a PM and I'll see about making one for you.

    At some point in the future, if Chucklefish doesn't get to it first, I may attempt a full in-game circuit editor. This will let users build any type of circuit, and condense it into a microchip. The big roadblocks for me right now are coming up with an algorithm that can evaluate the circuit; and building the interface, as I'm not too good with that at the moment.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Update MK Ia

Recent Reviews

  1. Albert_The_Alpaca
    Version: MK Ia
    This mod seems awesome< but how do I "spawn it".
  2. 1nfinitezer0
    Version: MK Ia
    Very handy for routine combos! I liked it so much that I reskinned it. Great work Sectrix.
  3. endlessmark
    Version: MK Ia
    Great Way to Organize your wiring system!
  4. Fatal Glitch
    Fatal Glitch
    Version: MK I
    There are no words...
    Excellent job on the mod, stuff can now take up less space in a much fancier fashion than is being described within this text.