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Cheeze's Weapon Pack v2.6.0.1 Vaporizer fixes

A weapon pack made by Cheezemaniac, it contains a variety of weapons.

  1. Three new gun upgrades. Small Changes.

    I've added the following.
    • Titanium bolts, crafted by 50 bolts and 1 Titanium ingot at the Megacorp Anvil.
    • Three new gun upgrades:
    - The Heavy Lancer; a two handed rapid firing Lancer upgrade, it's pretty neat. Crafted by 4 titanium bolts and a Lancer at the Megacorp Anvil.
    - The Mini-Nuke; you thought the Gravity Bomb was huge, think again. The Mini Nuke is perfect for everybody that loves explosions. Crafted by 5 Titanium bolts and a Gravity bomb at the Megacorp anvil.
    - The Multi-Star; this upgraded version of the Chopper makes the shuriken split in two shurikens after it hits the first enemy. Crafted by 5 Titanium bolts and a Chopper at the Megacorp Anvil.
    • The cost of the Chopper has been decreased from 300 to 250 bolts. The cost of the Lancer has been increased from 150 to 200 bolts.
    • I've fixed some small bugs, the blitz gun bug hasn't been fixed however.
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