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Cheeze's Weapon Pack v2.6.0.1 Vaporizer fixes

A weapon pack made by Cheezemaniac, it contains a variety of weapons.

  1. Zaoe
    Version: Beta v1.5
    Basicly my new favorite mod, added to my modlist (not-public, server and friends only) Can't wait for more updates!
    1. Cheezemaniac
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the compliment, I've got some interesting plans for the future. Stay Tuned. :)
  2. Kiari
    Version: Beta 1
    Very good spriting job & mod overall. Lacks high/end-tiers weapons (read description!)
    I would say keep it original and balanced (no other-game references).
    1. Cheezemaniac
      Author's Response
      Yep, I plan on adding higher end weapons very soon. Thanks for the review.