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[Cheerful Giraffe] Unstable Fixer 1.4.4

Lets you do the new quests and allows you to get the matter manipulator.

  1. Removed pixel printer from starter ship

    You can make it at a tier 3 inventor's table now.
  2. It should work now.

    It should work.
  3. Accidently broke the mod

  4. forgot to type in new version

    I forgot to enter the new version number.
  5. Removed unneeded features

    Removed unneeded features.
  6. Fixed crash on high-temp planets.

    You should no longer crash on high temp planets without protection. credit to gg30433043 for the fix.
  7. Changed spawning location.

    You now spawn on earth if Skip intro mission is unchecked.
    There is also now a pixel printer in the storage locker.
  8. Fixed Issue with pak.modinfo

    Changed version in pak.modinfo.
  9. Dinosaur hat fix

    Fixes the error that makes dinosaur hats appear in the starting planet mine.
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  10. Unstable Fixer Update

    Fixes error that caused gateways to not spawn.