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Outdated Chaos/Sonneillon's REAP AI 1.2.2


  1. Lucifearus
    Hey, Chaos here yet again. This is a simple mod I made to replace your ship AI with the new, dark, REAP AI. This kind Reaper AI will speak to you like every other mortal! Enjoy. ONLY INSTALL 1 FOLDER FROM THE MOD. RACE MODS ARE NOT SUPPORTED. ANY ISSUES CAUSED BY THIS WILL BE IGNORED. Thanks. Enjoy your new evil AI.

    **Also a quick thanks to all the other Ship AI authors out there for inspiring me to do this, especially king raptorizer. His original AI were what drove me to create this one, therefore I credited specifically him in the TXT**

Recent Reviews

  1. Rex Blackbeak
    Rex Blackbeak
    Version: 2015-06-24
    WOWOWOWOW this is cooler than mine.. great work dude :D
  2. Naquoti
    Version: 2015-06-24
    Awesome mods and awesome dude, nothing bad to say about it. Keep doing your thing like that because they are awesome !
  3. Mikiea
    Version: 2015-06-24
    5/5. 3 because omg the sprite is just amazing, 1 because it's so well made (no typos! :D) and 1 more because IGN 1/1
    1. Lucifearus
      Author's Response
      xD thanks glad you liked it