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Changelings 2.9

Gaian shapeshifters... in space!

  1. rnainframe
    prog4.gif meet gidget!.png prog4.gif
    Changelings are a race of humanoid, shapeshifting creatures borne from the planet "Gaia". Their exact origin is Silvaos, Medium, Semul - Silvaos, or Tanglewood Forest, within the country of Medium, on the continent of Semul. Gah-yee-yah, Zil-fah-yohz, Meh-dee-yoom, Seh-mool. All of this is from an entirely fictional world created by myself and some friends, including its own made up language of Gaian! Changelings are innately shy and anxious about their appearance, often opting to come up with their own 'human' identity. This one is half-human, half-'true form'. The mascot of this race, pictured in the main icon and image, is named Gidget!

    This is being made thanks to Skittles' race templates! Gonna be honest I'm not a super big fan of the guy but thank you for the template at least!

    - More clothes and hair options for Changelings *
    - Changeling weapons
    - Possible custom tech for Changelings - May need help or a guide, any offers are appreciated
    - Settlements
    - Custom furniture
    - More logs/books/lore
    - Ship tweaks to look more like a Changeling stole and 'customized' an Apex ship
    - Guaranteed NPCs, at least at the Outpost
    - Backwards running/walking loops? I'm not sure how to do so, though!
    - Tail improvements

    2.0 Changelog;
    FRACKIN' RACES COMPATIBILITY! It took a good amount of troubleshooting, but Changelings are now compatible! They're not officially part of the mod, but here's their stats for it:
    - Omnivorous
    - Boosted speed and jump in familiar biomes (Garden, forest, etc. Find out for yourself!)
    - Debuffed speed and jump in unfamiliar biomes (Alien, magma, etc.)
    - Natural boost to damage, health, and most resistances
    - Natural debuff to energy
    - Almost immune to cold (can survive unprotected on tier 1 cold, however will still die on tier 3 cold, for instance)
    - Weak to hot (due to them naturally being more accustomed to cooler temperatures so they're unfamiliar with heat)

    - Added a few new bits of dialogue (simple lines in Gaian, their native language)

    - Finished the flag

    - Tweaked two of the starter outfits, the others aren't started yet
    - Added more images of Changelings to the page

    - Make the Changelings a Cuter Race [eye tweak]

    - More clothes tweaks
    - Tweaked voice sfx (default sounds overlayed over a copy of the sounds edited to sound more growly, since Changelings when more 'primal' or 'feral' sound sort of like a normal voice over a more bestial voice)
    - Tweaked emotes slightly to fix a small error with mouths

    -Added four new male hairstyles based on OCs!
    -Tweaked the ship a bit.

    -Added a TON of new names!
    -Tweaked the codex to make room for possible additional races!
    -Messed with NPC stuff to add a wandering Changeling merchant, neon Changeling, socialite Changeling, electrician Changeling, and scientist Changeling!

    - Fixed problems caused by trying to add NPCs and not quite understanding how to pull it off right!
    - Temporarily deleted the default pet from the template until I can figure out how to properly code in a new one.
    - Redecorated the AI! Meet DiChaSo, or "Chase", the DIgital CHAngeling SOul! Created from the soul of a Changeling who couldn't quite survive the trek into space and converted into technology by some technology borrowed from the country of Levis, known for their tech that can convert a soul into an AI. Levis-made AIs often look like a silhouette with accent lines on them, so Chase being pure black is 100% how they're supposed to look! Pronounced Dee-kah-zoh!

    - Tweaked the hatch pool to include the race's flag, as well as their codex.
    - Fixed the ship sprites to actually be what I changed them to.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Jollyishere
    Version: 2.9
    Probably my favorite race in the whole modding community
  2. Chubby_GTM
    Version: 2.9
    I found an error the npc die when I use the colonists card
  3. OtakuGhost
    Version: 2.9
    Quite good, the patterns make it hard to see the character but I'm fine with it. Would be better if you could pick more hairs.