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Change Dialogues En - Es 2.5.3

It change the names of all villagers and change the gender of the male villagers.

  1. Update

    - Fixed Sprites selection of Gil and the Witch not displaying all values on GMCM.
    - Fixed Portrait selection of Marlon and Pierre displaying cutted values on GMCM.
  2. Update

    - Now you can add Portraits and Sprites see on the Overview how to add them.
    - Now it detects corrupted config.json files and restore it.
  3. Update

    - Fixed name of Andy.
    - Fixed configuration not saving.
  4. Update

    - Done some small fixes.
  5. Update

    - Fixed configuration problems in some cases.
  6. Update

    - Done some fixes
  7. Update

    - Updated to SV 1.5.5
  8. Update

    - Fixed error in some cases
  9. Update

    - Fixed error of Wizard Name.
  10. Update

    - Corrections of some words not showing correctly.
    - Fixed start event when SVE Grandpa Farm is installed.