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Outdated Celestar Race 0.3.0 Upbeat Overhaul

This mod adds a vibrantly colorful race of extragalactic nomads to the game.

  1. Staves (Hammers) and Spears

    - Finished up the hammers (which I call staves in the item descriptions) because they were almost finished already. Mainly added the pommel that all Celestar weapons will have as well as power cells below the cloud decoration that they are all themed with.

    - As with all Celestar weapons, Tier 4 through 10 hammers utilize a short-range electric burst that I will be customizing in the future. Aside from the power cells to show they're energy weapons, the 4 through 10 hammers also have an inertial field surrounding them that (by my lore) allows easier swinging of an otherwise unwieldy design.

    - I have also overhauled the spear weapons, removing the placeholders and changing the few existing designs. The first three are standard metal-based weapons as with all Celestar weapons, while Tier 4 through 10 sport energy flares of increasing number to show that they utilize the energy burst effect. All of the spears are star/eclipse themed in some fashion.
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