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Outdated Celestar Race 0.3.0 Upbeat Overhaul

This mod adds a vibrantly colorful race of extragalactic nomads to the game.

  1. Axes and Misc.

    - You should no longer have to switch out a file to make the mod compatible with whatever character creation mod you use (tested with Xander's and Kawa's). As long as you have a character creation mod installed in the first place the Celestar race should appear. Also, I changed the filetype for the archive to a .zip format so more people can use my mod.

    - I also started a framework to make all Celestar weapons utilize an electric elemental charge of sorts. Currently only axes have the elemental effect which is just the standard electric burst until I create some custom effects. Will need to do some testing to see if they need some damage balance due to the additional effect.

    - Speaking of axes, I went in and overhauled the appearance of all 10 tiers of axes. The first 3 tiers are standard metal weapons while tier 4 through 10 sport an energy weapon edge on the blade as well as a few decorative sparkles (and honestly I think they look pretty awesome).

    - All axes follow a crescent moon/nighttime theme with them as well and I will be adding themes to the other weapons in a similar manner much like the hammers which have more of a cloudy/stormy theme.
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