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Outdated Celestar Race 0.3.0 Upbeat Overhaul

This mod adds a vibrantly colorful race of extragalactic nomads to the game.

  1. Celestar - Beta Wave

    Fff-...inally. The Celestar mod should now be completely functional with the Upbeat Giraffe update. I'm sorry it took so long, but there was a lot of stuff to work with (plus my modem of 5 years finally kicked the bucket).

    Anyway, below is a list of all the major changes I made and hopefully didn't forget. Feel free to test the heck out of the mod and let me know if I managed to forget something or broke something.

    Also, given the significant amount of changes to certain things, it is highly recommended that you start new characters if you have any left over from the older versions.

    Lastly, there's a weird bug with the staff weapons. For some reason the charge up animation isn't playing so I'm still trying to figure that out. Other than that the staffs are fully-functional.

    = Character Appearance =
    • Adjusted skin, eye and hair tones to reduce the blending of colors.
    • Added 12 new custom hairstyles.

    = Crafting =
    • All Celestar racial items should be available at the Celestar Fabricator.
    • Completely redesigned the appearance of the Celestar Flag decorative item.
    • Added Exo Matter decorative block.
      • Requires 2 Dirt blocks.
      • Required for crafting recipes.
    • Added Exo Silicate decorative block.
      • Requires 2 Cobblestone blocks.
      • Required for crafting recipes.
    • Added Exo Pillar decorative block.
    • Added Exo Platform decorative block.
    • Added a number of new decorative items.
      • Exo Bed
      • Exo Chair
      • Exo Door
      • Exo Light
      • Exo Panel
      • Exo Table
      • Exo Bench
      • Exo Footlocker
      • Exo Crate
      • Exo Preserver (Storage)
      • Exo Convector (Cooking)
      • Exo Barrier (Door)
    = Armors =
    • Adjusted starting clothing appearances.
    • Finished custom appearances for all tiers of racial armor.
    • Rebalanced clothing and armor for Upbeat Giraffe balance changes.
    = Weapons =
    • Adjusted the designs for a number of melee weapons.
    • Rebalanced all weapons for Upbeat Giraffe balance changes.
    • Added custom effects to all Tier 4 - 6 weapons.
      • Durasteel weapons deal Electric damage.
      • Aegisalt and Ferozium weapons deal Particle damage and Slow enemies.
      • Rubium and Cerulium weapons deal Plasma damage and Burn enemies.
      • Violium and Impervium weapons deal Dark Matter damage and Paralyze enemies.
    • Added racial Rifle weapons to all tiers.
      • Tier 4 - 6 effects are the same as melee weapons.
    • Added the new staff weapons plus one bonus-tier staff.
      • Rubium staff deals Plasma damage, rays Burn enemies.
      • Cerulium staff deals Particle damage, rays Slow enemies.
      • Bonus-tier staff deals Dark Matter damage, rays paralyze enemies.
    • Removed Tier 0 starting Broadsword.
    • Added Tier 0 starting Short Sword
    • Added Tier 0 starting Rifle.
    = Interface =
    • Added custom designs for all 8 starship tiers.
    • Added custom Gender icons.
    • Added placeholder AI until I come up with a working design.
    • Adjusted NPC dialogues to be more consistent.
    • Added tutorial quests.
    = Things That Didn't Quite Make It =
    • Food items were removed while I completely redesign them.
    • Village Guard dialogue for when the other races talk to a Celestar player kept breaking the game so I pulled them until I figure it out.
    • Settlements. I wanted to add small outposts, but the starship tiers took so long I decided to save them for later.
    • I wanted to add a bunch of codexes that you could find, but I didn't have the time to finish writing them.
    • Shields, I want custom tiered ones, but I need to figure out if I can make that happen.
    = Things That Will Change In The Future =
    • The following thigns will eventually be tied into the quest system once I figure it out more.
      • The Celestar Fabricator will eventually be obtainable through a quest rather than crafting.
      • The bonus tier Staff weapon will eventually be an end-game quest reward.
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