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Outdated Catalina Industries Incorporated Official 3D Printer (Enraged Koala) 0.6.1

Avali Vanity Items

  1. fixed the wing tip dye

    sorry about that guys. I didn't realize there was an extra row for the arm sprites.

    Won't happen again!
  2. More dyes and the avian adventurer set

    Added: Wingtip dye, tail-tip dye, Hatchling Circlet and Avian Adventurer's Outfit.

    Both avian items require the item they are based on to be made. The adventurer's outfit is both the chest and legs items, but are in the leg slot so you can wear a cloak overtop.

    I can't seem to get the goggles or the eye mask to show their items, so I'm working on that...

    as always if there are any problems just post in the thread or pm me ^.=.^

    Okay, fairly big update!

    Now that the dyeing mod (linked on front page) is up and running well, this mod no longer has a dyeing bucket. This was always meant to be temporary and is a huge load of tedious copypasta off my back.

    Any items dyed with the old method should still have their colours.

    Creepy eye mask (formerly the welding mask) - dyeable eyes
    Goggles - dyeable headband
    Hair Style Blueprints - Will unlock the hair dyes for that hair style, so the crafting menu isn't...
  4. Updated gloves.

    Gloves should line up with the new jump animation. Let me know if I missed any pixels!
  5. No more .pak plus new hat!

    The compression I get with the .pak is not worth the trouble right now. So no more .pak!

    Added Dragoon Helmet plus two test back items I'm too tired to remove right now.
  6. Stupid new pak system....

    Should be working now!

    Thanks for letting my know it wasn't!
  7. repac'ed for Update 6.

    So new update. Not even gonna risk it not working.

    I tested with just Avali, xbawks, and Catalina Ind. It works, but I haven't tested every item.

    Any issues just post your starbound.log and we'll work it out.
  8. Now with Dyeing Mod Support!!

    All in mod items have been updated to be compatible with the newly updated Dyeing Mod (formerly Dying Bucket). All I can see is orange O.-.o

    My dyeing system is still in place, but if no one tells me they REALLY want me to keep it, I will likely phase it out over the next few updates. The coloured bottles will still be there (I spent more time than I want to admit making those) So nothing will be really lost.

    If you want...
  9. Recipe changes.

    Sorry guys, no major update today.

    Small recipe changes:
    Farm blocks are now 10 soil, 1 iron, 100 pixels = 6 blocks!
    all hair dyes are now 100 pixels.
  10. Clothing and hair dye!!

    Introducing the Catalina Ind. Inc. Dyeing Container (not to be confused with a bucket).

    Add one Catalina Brand Dye and one approved item and presto! Colour change!

    Also introducing the new line of head feather dye. This dye is best for the tips of feathers only!

    All colour dyes should be placeable on shelves, please let me know if any aren't.

    The way the items show up in the menu is messy and I will be addressing that.

    The list of approved colour dyeing items I'll post on the front page.