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Outdated Catalina Industries Incorporated Official 3D Printer (Enraged Koala) 0.6.1

Avali Vanity Items


    Okay, fairly big update!

    Now that the dyeing mod (linked on front page) is up and running well, this mod no longer has a dyeing bucket. This was always meant to be temporary and is a huge load of tedious copypasta off my back.

    Any items dyed with the old method should still have their colours.

    Creepy eye mask (formerly the welding mask) - dyeable eyes
    Goggles - dyeable headband
    Hair Style Blueprints - Will unlock the hair dyes for that hair style, so the crafting menu isn't as cluttered.
    Coloured Bottles - the former dye bottles are still placeable objects with decreased ingredient costs.

    I don't think I'm forgetting anything but let me know if any errors pop up.
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