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Outdated Catalina Industries Incorporated Official 3D Printer (Enraged Koala) 0.6.1

Avali Vanity Items

  1. Raieth
    Catalina Logo.png
    Welcome to Catalina Industries Incorporated Official 3D Printer (TM).

    This 3D printer supplies only the finest quality products from our design studios on Avalon.

    To purchase this limited edition early beta release please pay one pixel at any ship-mounted 3D Printer. Many items cost only ONE pixel for a limited time only! (Only while supplies last all prices subject to change)

    As this is a limited edition early beta release there may be some issues.
    Any problems with the Official Catalina 3D Printer (TM) should be reported in the discussion thread of this mod. Please include the starbound.log file for bug reporting.

    Catalina Industries Incorporated supports small businesses!
    Do you have a product or item that you want to bring to the masses but can't?
    Just contact Raieth through PM or the Discussion Thread to apply to have your item added to this mod!
    (Conditions apply, please ask for more details)


    Get the Avali Race Here: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/avali-race-mod.998/

    All Items in this mod are compatable with the Dye Mod (Formerly Dyeing Bucket)
    Get the Dye Mod Here: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/dye-mod-multiplayer-friendly.970/

    Current Status:
    3D printer:
    catalinaprinter copy.png

    PLACEHOLDER. There is no animation, this is working as intended for the moment.

    Screenshot 2014-02-21 20.48.40.png Screenshot 2014-02-21 20.59.53.png Screenshot 2014-02-21 20.46.34.png Screenshot 2014-02-21 20.46.17.png Screenshot 2014-03-04 12.48.18.png

    Surgical Mask, Welding Mask, Headphones (need shading adjustment), Sniper goggles, Dragoon Helmet, hair tip dye, goggles, creepy mask (pics soon), Hatchling's circlet (see gif below)

    Note about hair tip dye: the new hair style items only work on new characters (or have never used this mod before) as the add the related hair dye recipes on pickup. If you already have all the hair tip dyes in your menu the hair style blueprints won't work. You already know all the recipes. If anyone knows how to remove already known recipes shoot me a message.

    Screenshot 2014-02-21 20.48.40.png Screenshot 2014-03-12 20.16.07.png

    Disposable Gloves, wing tip dye

    catalinaavianadventurer.gif Screenshot 2014-03-12 20.16.07.png
    Avian Adventurer's Outfit, tail tip dye

    Dying Container:
    REMOVED use the dyeing mod linked above.

    Currently Working On:
    New consoles - check out the thread for progress reports
    Hair tip dye for new hair styles - done (still working on consoles)


    Disposable Booties/Apron.

    Coming Later:
    Adding dyes to clothes (both official and this mods.)

    althelmet.png hipstermusician.png
    Blacksmith/Toolsmith outfit, Hipster Scarf, Headphones w/Hipster glasses.
    More items!!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Number 187
    Number 187
    Version: 0.6.1
    It's alright, but it says error when I press the download link.
  2. Demnex
    Version: 0.6.1
    I love the mod, however is there any chance it can be updated for the current version?
  3. GoldenstarArtist
    Version: 0.6.1
    Love this mod... But are we allowed to use it on our severs?
  4. Feathery Dust
    Feathery Dust
    Version: 0.6.1
    The Avali race mod wouldn't be the same without this, it may add small features but their impact on the game feels enormous!
  5. mewfan151
    Version: 0.6.1
    I love this mod :3

    I only have one question regarding it: Will we eventually see the "Sparrow" outfit from Avian spruced up to fit the Avali?
  6. fallingoutvegas
    Version: 0.6.1
    This is perfect with the Avali Race mod as it really fleshes them out now
  7. RaginCajun
    Version: 0.6.1
    This mod is pretty awesome and I look forward to its future. I see potential for some really nice pieces of artwork to really personalize the Avali race.

    As a request for future content can we get some of the very neat things like tail dyes and such added to the basic Avali clothing and even potentially your future clothing line? It'd be nice to dye parts of my tail and such without having to give up wearing clothes altogether.
    1. Raieth
      Author's Response
      Adding all the dyes to the clothes is next on the list after the new consoles are done. Dye mods next update will make it so you can even dye the clothes and the dye differently.
  8. Dis_conected
    Version: 0.6.1
    this mod is mandatory for anyone that plays avali I'm not kidding without this mod it would be like a pb+j without the j the only other mod i could say that about is rentek thank you for this mod and on that note i was wondering if i could use your mod in an avali centered mod pack it would be utterly incomplete without you thank you for your time
    1. Raieth
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it so much!

      I don't mind if you add it to an Avali modpack. Just remember that it will probably crash the game without the Avali mod. It's a hardcoded dependency.
  9. The Hooded Griffon
    The Hooded Griffon
    Version: 0.6.1
    Definitively a great mod, maybe you can add the full Dragoon armor in a future update.
    1. Raieth
      Author's Response
      That's the plan! (Lots of work though...)
  10. SmaugTheDragon
    Version: 0.6
    More sweet avali grab!