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Castlevania 1.3.2

Objects ripped from Castlevania games + a few misc things

  1. 1.3.2

    Finally the paintable things are paintable once again!
    all u need is this little tool: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/paint-gun-mod.4636/ (made by Charlatan and me)
    The list of the things that can be coloured is on the main page (i'll probably be adding more to that). also all the them are tagged with a *can be coloured* line. and for record i totally didnt copy it from Nostalgic Greenery mod (i did :nuruevil:)

    as a little experiment i added these blocks:
    it's basically one block => castlevaniablockJicon.png , but instead of different colours it slightly changes shape.

    speaking of experiments, here's another one:
    i always wanted to make walls somehow older and cracked, so
    i added 2 wallcrack objects (one is slightly bigger), they look like this > castlevaniawallcrack3.png and here's an example how to use em:

    so when one set of blocks overlaying the other, its better to use 3, and when its the other way around, then use 3A. this is probably not gonna work on every tile (especially vanilla), but when it does work i think it looks okay.

    another little tweak i made: lots of objects can be placed regardless of background and pretty much anything else. i actually didnt realize there was an option to do this, otherwise i would've done since the start.
    however there's a downside: some things can despawn, so make a screenshot before updating.
    i personally had some statues and teleporting doors disappeared.

    as usual some new things:


    aslo something i forgot to mention in the last update:
    carpet that works like vanilla grass seeds (can be put on any block)
    chimney smoke, nicked from terraria


    1. castlevaniawallcrack3.png
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