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Castlevania 1.3.2

Objects ripped from Castlevania games + a few misc things

  1. 1.1

    -all weapons can be bought from librarian (if u already have all the ores, u need to repick them)
    -added swords
    -added or tweaked abilites on swords, my personal favourite is spinning attack (pretty much like in old star wars games on snes)
    thx goes to cybersam for figuring out the lua part;
    -no delay between attacks and alts on all weapons and shields;
    -no perfect block on shields, since no delay (so it cant be exploited);
    -weapons (and tools) unlocked when new ores collected;
    -some new things (not much)
    -new set of oakwood blocks (recoloured vanilla);
    -fossil brushes can be bought;
    -added one mask and 2 invisible gear things (head and back).


    1. shields.png
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