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Callistan Race Mod DL Fix Attempt - Take two

A tribute to great outdated mods

  1. Let's try this again

    Roskii Heiral
    Not sure why the link isn't working
  2. Current Nexus Link

    Roskii Heiral
    Fixing issue with dl link
  3. New Nexus Hosting

    Roskii Heiral
    Current Version of Callistans with all the bells and whistles.
  4. Issue of ship platform fix

    Roskii Heiral
    -Fixed Issue on T7/T8 ships where they would spawn platform incorrectly.
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  5. Fixed Messed up frame

    Roskii Heiral
    fixed frame file for Lazy Doggy poster

    fixed color for callistan toolbox
  6. Adding Recipes/Objects

    Roskii Heiral
    Fixed Bone Brew (special thanks to uglywolf)
    Fixed Callistan Plush

    Added Lazy Dog Portrait (special thanks to Cari)

    Roskii Heiral
    -whoops, forgot frame for new poster
  8. Eyes/Fixes/Posters

    Roskii Heiral
    -Everything should be in the proper catagory now.
    -Fixed Calpaper recipe

    -I was inspired and wanted to try some Dark Eyes
    -New "No cats allowed" poster (thanks Cari)


    1. nocats.png
  9. Post Vacation Quick-Fix

    Roskii Heiral
    -Fixed some catagory problems post-update (thanks Cari for reporting)
    -Added Callistan Banner
    -Repaired an issue crafting the microwave
  10. Vacation Update

    Roskii Heiral
    Had a week off and was able to put some love into the mod:

    -Callistan Door
    -Callistan Hatch
    -Recipes Added for several existing furniture items
    -Recipes for White Fang Gear

    New Features:
    -New Craftable Pet (inspired by groot)
    -New Posters
    -New Portraits
    -A new light (serves as anchor for the new pet)
    -New gun -Callistan Blaster- (inspired by starlord's element guns)

    Please report any issues. This is a massive update, I tested it pretty thoroughly, but please be aware that with any...
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