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Callistan Race Mod DL Fix Attempt - Take two

A tribute to great outdated mods

  1. Vacation Update

    Roskii Heiral
    Had a week off and was able to put some love into the mod:

    -Callistan Door
    -Callistan Hatch
    -Recipes Added for several existing furniture items
    -Recipes for White Fang Gear

    New Features:
    -New Craftable Pet (inspired by groot)
    -New Posters
    -New Portraits
    -A new light (serves as anchor for the new pet)
    -New gun -Callistan Blaster- (inspired by starlord's element guns)

    Please report any issues. This is a massive update, I tested it pretty thoroughly, but please be aware that with any large change many things could go weird.
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