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BYOS 1.3

Build Your Own Ship

  1. shiplocker fix and extended race compatibility (see my byosrc mod)

    Amber Talamasca
    upon talking with sail the first time, it will tell you to replace the shiplocker (it wasnt functional before that, so no inventory possible yet in it).
    It will give you a new shiplocker for all the default races, and remove the broken one.

    After this it is a player made object and will retain its contents on upgrading. On the last upgrade to BYOS, it will spill everything on the floor, but it will not be lost.

    Works best with characters created with this mod. If you run into problems with...
  2. getting rid of residuals

    Amber Talamasca
    Now with the original "ship" and breakable everything
  3. fix for gamebreaking bug

    Amber Talamasca
    The game no longer crashes on shipworld creation by spawning in a gazillion lights and items that drop.

    It's not pretty yet, but it functions, and face it, you're gonna delete my build stuff first thing anyways. For now the residual hazard blocks, sail, fuelhatch and shiplocker are still locked in place, but anything else can be destroyed.