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Bye Bye Clint, Hello Clarice 2.1.1

A complete overhaul of Clint, replacing him with a completely different person!

  1. Emily's 8-heart event change! + Sprite bug

    An anon brought up to my attention that Clint's vanilla dialogue during Emily's 8-heart event treated Emily in a possessive manner, so I changed it!
    Clarice will now not refer to Emily like a prize to be won during her 8-heart event.
    Also, during that event Clint would appear again due to a slight mix-up in the sprite file section. This has been changed and Clarice will take her rightful place.
    This update changes the ManorHouse.xnb and ClothesTherapyCharacters.xnb file.

    In later updates I will be changing a lot of the vanilla dialogue as well as adding in new dialogue!!
    I might also be changing Clarice's sprite a bit to make her afro less helmet like when her sprite is facing forward.
    As always, send all suggestions and bugs to me, either on this forum or on my tumblr, aeki.tumblr.com!
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