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Outdated Burning Acid's Engame Mattermanipulators v. Enraged Koala

Adds upgrades for the Mattermanipulator (compatible with tabula rasa)

  1. Burning Acid

    I like many others feel like the pickaxes don't really fit the games atmosphere, atleast not in endgame! So i added upgrades for the mattermanipulator (ranging from steel to Impervium) as you upgrade them they get faster or gets a bigger radius. There are three speeds and three radius upgrades(fast, faster and wtf) for each radius.

    There are 3 speeds for each area upgrade, so:

    3 x 3
    Steel --> Titanium --> Durasteel

    4 x 4
    Aegisalt --> Ferozium --> Cerulium

    5 x 5
    Violium --> Rubium --> Impervium

    You craft them at the robotic crafting table by mixing 8 of the metal bars, the mattermanipulator from last tier and 800 pixels.
    (I also added a recipe for the normal Mattermanipulator, 16 copper, 8 gold, a molten core and 200 pixels.)


    To install:

    1. Unzip the .rar into your ../Starbound/mods/ folder (yea, it's that easy)

    Optional: Install the tabula rasa mod
    Then you are all set! Have fun!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lightningy
    Version: v. Enraged Koala
    amazing. i like the balancing of this mod. but i am wondering if it is usable in mp if my friends dont have it
  2. Gotheran
    Version: v. Enraged Koala
    I dare say, the best mod ever.
  3. Musical_Mayhem
    Version: v. Enraged Koala
    I like it, now mattermanipulator is really useful, but sound is really annoying when you upgrade to Impervium...
  4. Angrboda
    Version: v. Furious Koala
    This mod is great! Exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Joneithevius
    Version: v. Furious Koala
    Most of the other matter manipulator mods either had ridiculous requirements (full crafting tier upgrade required just for, say, the copper tier) or were so overpowered and easy, it felt like cheating. This provides a nice middle ground that makes matter manipulators more relevant and useful, especially the spacing tiers, which would encourage me to get three copies to get the fastest of each tier to adjust as needed.

    My only recommendation? 2 x 2 tiers for silver, gold, and platimum (or replace silver and use diamond) maybe? That way it's not only endgame but useful thorough!
  6. Sagara
    Version: v. Furious Koala
    They are not as fast as the Drill, but the range of manipulation of the matter compensates it.
    I recommend this mod. May be it is not a must-have, but it TOTALLY worth it. Go for it with no doubts.
  7. neiroka
    Version: 1.0.2 v. Angry Koala
  8. Medkit
    Version: 1.0.2 v. Angry Koala
    Keep the Matter Manipulator relevant? YES PLEASE! This is a great mod! For one, it offers an option to use a ranged mining tool vs. the default picks. Second, it offers an option to use a ranged mining tool vs. the default picks.

    Basically, it's a really cool mod. It fits well into the scale of things, and they don't feel particularly over powered.

    One thing I did notice, was that the titanium matter manipulator is a bit slower for it's tier. Having a diamond pick around the time you get a titanium matter manipulator makes you sort of rely on the pick over the MM, just because it's faster at that point.

    Although, I have to admit, I do feel like the MM needs some sort of flaw in order to keep the default mining tools appealing. And I think the lack of speed is a good flaw, especially since you can just sorta.. mine things from quite a far distance away.

    A neat introduction would be an increased range of use as you upgrade.
  9. Runeskyr
    Version: 1.0.2 v. Angry Koala
    THIS is what Starbound needs. I will continue to use this mod on my servers until they put this in game.


    Had an idea as how to appease the gods, in a way that would make sense. I think the only thing keeping this from being implemented is the lack of a durability, like the pickaxes and drills. Not really a durability, per-se, but a charging requirement. I could easily see using Uranium to repair the 3x3 Mat Mans. Plutonium all the way up to the Rubium, and then Solarium for the Durasteel.

    It's an idea, at least.
  10. Hotaru
    Version: 1.0.2 v. Angry Koala
    now this is cool,they need to implement this instead of those crappy looking picks and drill.we r in the futur!... no some old ass minecraft.