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Bunnykin Race 3.1.2

Adds the Bunnykin race to Starbound

  1. Small fix

    Fixed small typo causing some villager Bunnykin to spawn without pants
  2. Small fixes

    Removed the items that are found in the starter treasure, and replaced it with the line:

    {"pool" : "starterTreasure"},

    Fixed mannequin not having an X button
  3. Holy spitshine batman!

    There have been a few things about Bunnykin that have bugged me for a while. So I finally got around to fixing em.

    Natural colours are default, vibrant colours must be patched in *uploading in a few mins*. This will not affect pre existing characters.
    Small grammatical fixes
    Rehauled outfit filenames. Old files are still in the mod and have their desc listed they are outdated. I recommend crafting newer clothing items, and trashing the old ones.
    A robed Bunnykin has appeared at the outpost,...
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  4. Small fixes...

    Small fixes. Forget what most of them are >_>
    Vases now found at merchant
    Broken portrait showing up at merchant
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  5. Optimised pngs with PNG Gauntlet

  6. small fix

    Copying hex codes with reckless abandonment does not bode well. Fur colours now work as intended.
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  7. Bug fixes n some goodies

    fixed small overalls problem
    fixed tier 1 sleeves
    fixed cape missing frames
    cleaned up emote
    changed outfit default colours from default-dye-blue to more suitable hues
    added new poster - Miffy!
    New outfit! Officer Judy! (buy at merchant)
    2 new ears!
    2 new colours, judy grey and judy white
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  8. Flag fix

    Recipe not included.
  9. Bug fix

    I hope.
  10. Small posters come in teal

    As per request