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Outdated Buildable Custom Shipworld File/Mod (UPBEAT GIRAFFE) Version 1.2a

This is a .shipworld file and a mod which both let you build your own ship in Upbeat Giraffe.

  1. Research Station addition

    Added a research station to the .shipworld file. The mod already gave you one.
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  2. Two options to use now plus T8 fix

    There are two options to use this mod.

    The .shipworld file works as before, but it's now a Tier 8 ship so it can be installed over any .shipworld tier. If you advance your tier (rebooting the AI, repairing the engines, enabling FTL, giving diamonds to the guy at the outpost), you'll have to re-copy over the .shipworld file and rebuild your ship from scratch. So use this if you don't plan on advancing tiers anymore (say you've gotten Tier 4 and don't want to do the "retrieve item X" missions...
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  3. Fixed huge bug

    Mod was previously unusable prior to this update.

    The bug involved not being able to FTL and not being able to use this for a character who already has a T3 ship.

    You now must achieve T3 (FTL capable) before being able to use this .shipworld.
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