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Outdated Buddy Bomb 1.0 Upbeat Giraffe

Destruction awaits! Please use responsibly.

  1. Surn_Thing

    So destructive! So much fun!

    Do you simply not bother to explore the depths of firey planets because the matter manipulator takes too long to get through the obsidian? Do you find the staffs too weak and slow for combat? Then this is the mod for you. Sudden destruction is at your fingertips with the Buddy Bomb!

    Buddy Bomb is a weapon based on the Supergiant Orb. Except instead of a small star it spawns a block – destroying explosion. Also, it charges almost instantly, so you can spawn explosions constantly as long as you have the energy (kinda like that Roy guy on Full Metal Alchemist). Monster looking at you the wrong way? Blow it up! Found a Glitch castle but don't want to deal with the lancer? Make your own door! Done spelunking but don't want to climb back to the surface? Blow yourself up!

    As a precaution, Buddy Bomb is not craftable. He can only be spawned through admin commands (bombstaff1). Consider that the child-proof cap on this mod. Also, if you're accident prone, you might want to backup your shipworld file. There's a text document on how to do so included in the mod folder.

Recent Reviews

  1. filipkober
    Version: 1.0 Upbeat Giraffe
  2. skylinx
    Version: 1.0 Upbeat Giraffe
    Awesome mod. I absolutely love explosive mods and I am kind of disappointed in the lack of them. You should check out "Just Explosives" by Djinn. If you enjoy making mods like this you should really continue what he was trying to accomplish. A sort of universal explosion mod. His hasn't been updated and I don't know if it will. Its just an idea, but regardless, this mod is great keep it up