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Outdated Brink Weapon Pack 1.3 [Enraged Koala]

Seven fancy new firearms from Brink

  1. Updated for Enraged Koala

    Mr. Foxer
    -Changed weapon icons
    -Fixed muzzleflash position for certain weapons
    -Massively reduced weapon damage per bullet
    -All weapons now cost pixels + ore (differs by weapon level) to craft
    -Ark Vending Machine costs nothing to craft
    -Weapons now have 5 different levels each
    -Weapons now distinguished by Mark (MK1, MK2, etc.)

    -Added Carb-9

    Finally, you can now distribute/modify this mod without my permission but you MUST credit me as the...
  2. Updated for Furious Koala

    Mr. Foxer

    Made compatible with Beta v. Furious Koala.
    If you have any suggestions to balance the mod, pm them to me.

    Unfortunately Mediafire isn't letting me upload either so this version must be downloaded from the nexus
  3. notice, 1.1 alternate download

    Mr. Foxer
  4. v1.1

    Mr. Foxer
    -added new weapon "Lobster"
    -added new weapon "Rokstedi"
    -changed mossington projectile sprite
    -changed mossington muzzle flash sprite
    -mossington now fires 4 pellets instead of 3
    -increased gerund fire speed
    -reduced gerund damage
    -fixed gerund price
    -all weapon projectile speeds increased by 20

    Note that you will have to rebuy the weapons for these changes to take effect.