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Bott's Terraria Mod 1.3

Mod that adds content from Terraria

  1. Update 1.3

    1.2 - Worm heads are now layered above their body segments. This makes them look less weird at times.
    Also, minor bugfixes that I likely forgot. (or they don't exist)
    1.2.1 - Nerfed some of the naturally spawning worms.
    1.3 - Added Plantera (summoned by breaking Plantera's Bulbs, which now naturally generate relatively rarely in Jungle biomes), boss projectiles are now set up to be leveled, removed friendly variant of Destroyer,
    Destroyer now supports capturing (though you must manually set capturable to true), nerfed some of the boss's HP. Ported a few more worms, added some files for some other worms. Improved the AI of the bosses as well.
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