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Borderlands 2 Random and Unique Shields 1.5

Adds procedurally generated shield augmens based on BL2

  1. Balancing a new shields!

    -Balanced amplify shields, they are stronger except for "The Bee".
    Amplify sheild's lowest value is (85%), max value is up to (345%) on purple/epic shields.
    The Bee's base damage was lowered to account for lowest possible value at (161%), max value is up to (503%)
    The Bee will still be very strong, but only whith the best special modifing parts (maliwan).
    Luck/grinding should still be rewarded.

    -Increased Love Thumper's radius.

    -98.2% Sham is possible?, when all parts are maliwan.
    But the...
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  2. Fixes #1

    -Added Seraph, Unique and Effervescent shields to valuable treasure pool
    -Added shield slot to stat interface, no longer losing shields as augments or wasting armor slots!.
    -Fixed Fabled Tortoise's accessory.
    -Fixed physical novas (torgue without manufacturer's touch).
    -Fixed Black hole's animation not hiding.
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