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Borderlands 2 Random and Unique Shields 5.0

Adds procedurally generated shield augmens based on BL2

  1. The Huge Update

    Mod was rewritten, remember to re-equip your shields.
    Any shields that were augments will no longer work.
    Hopefully nothing breaks, mostly shields disappearing.
    NPCs now use the same shields as the player.
    The "Crew" tab can have up to 12 shields to give to crew members.
    Added compatibility with the latest "Crew Customization+" update.

    Changelog V5.0 : The Damage Update
    • Reduced capacity (67 -> 19), Starbound's armor grants plenty of health unlike BL2, so the shield is meant to be a simple "bonus", more enfasis on functions and abilities instead of survivability.
    • Relative recharge rate slightly increased. (11% -> 16%) (BL2 parity)
    • NPCs still give less slag bonus, 50% less bonus than the player.
    • Reverted last slag change, wasn't working as intended.
    • Fixed "Explosive" element from Manufacturer's Touch not working after separating uniques into separate files.
    • Added "healthLost" as damage absorbed by a shield.
    • Changed how "Elemental Resistance" for shields work:
      • No longer applies direct resistances.
      • The resistances ONLY apply for the shield.
      • Augments and other resistance buffs no longer apply to shields.
      • Resistances on shields are multiplicative(each shield resistance applies itself independantly), not aditive.
      • Shields apply Difficulty/Part/Adaptive resistances individually, no imminuty unless one is +100%.
    • Part's elemental resistances reduced to 10% from 30%. (Augments are 25% and shields are free slots, they should only grant DOT immunity anyway, but this gives them some extra value)
    • Changed base monster health used by shields from "largebiped" to "smallbiped". (Damage Nerf, Shields were way too strong because of this)
    • Fixed "Part Notifier" not displaying intrinsic shield stat modifiers.
    • Added a "self.data.disableRecharge" to disable the recharge of shields if desired. (Has to be done via code)
    • Added a "self.data.startRecharge" to skip recharge delay.

    Damage Balance:
    • Damage from shields rebalanced again, lower capacity means that some shields will get different amount of use:
    • Amp & Roid: Now deal a separate instance of damage instead of adding damage multiplier. (BL2 parity) (Also a decent buff)
    • Amp & Roid: Bonus damage is affected by user's power multiplier.
    • Amp: Only drains shields on succesful hits. Bonus damage is now applied on ANY damage dealt by you (while using ranged weaponry), only once per target(shotguns only count as 1 hit per target). (Bug, hitting a shield doesn't trigger AMP damage)
    • Novas: Quicker to deplete now and hits all targets in a large radius, strong still, damage reduced.
      • Maliwan: 35% -> 25%
      • Torgue: 45.5% ->32.5%
      • Scaling increased: 2% -> 5.5%
    • Spikes: These are only viable against single monsters and can only score about 3 hits on average, so damage increased. (15% -> 45% Maliwan/Torgue)
    • Turrets: They are quite good, able to kill over 2 enemies in one charge, longest range and high damage distribution efficiency. Decided to lower max damage scaling a bit (it could reach about 6 monsters worth of damage, reduced to ~4 because it can be single target dps unlike novas), also RoF now scales inversly with grades, ie: More damage means less bullets, a good turret was too effective, but average ones were in a good position already.
      • Damage scaling: +9.5% -> + 7.5%,
      • RoF: 2/s -> 6.25/s,
      • RoF Scaling: -0.01s -> 0.015s,
      • Min range: 10 tiles -> 16 tiles.
      • Efficiency: 45% -> 50%.

    Unique Shields:
    • One Man Army: Adjusted damage and RoF to new changes, shoots faster, 5% less damage, given the lowest base range.
    • Rainbow Factory: Increased damage by 29%, Lowered RoF
    • Fixed: "Deadly Bloom", "Love Thumper", "Order" and "Cracked Sash" having extra stats due to them being purple rarity.
    • Slightly increased "Whisky Tango Foxtrot" grenade launch distance.
    • Black Hole: Singularity scales in size and also visually shows how far the explosion and gravity goes. (May be hard to see past it)
    • Overkill: Changed to use the bonus Amp damage instead of multiplier, now drains half% when missing and full% when hitting; Drain now scales inversly from multiplier. Base Drain: 10% -> 12%, Base mult: 5x -> 8x. Damage Scaling: 0.05 -> 0.015, Mult scaling: 0.5 -> 0.18518. Fixed an error that granted +1 hidden multiplier.
    • Hide of Terramorphus: Nova and Spike changes applied, roid damage not changed. (Because it wouldn't affect NPCs)
    • Love Thumper: Roid changes applied, Nova has never triggered when used by NPCs. Nova is now 40% of roid damage. (BL2 parity)
    • The Bee: Due to the changes, it is now 1/20 of normal AMP power but keeps the unique effect of not running out when shooting. Fixed bonus recharge delay.
    • Pun-chee: Fixed "recharge delay" bonus from 3% to 30%.
    • Cracked Sash: Fixed recharge delay grade from 138 to 150.
    • Chain Reaction: Base damage: 55% -> 15%, Scaling: 0.12% -> 0.35%, Secondary damage percentage is now affected by special grades, also increased: 25% -> 50%.
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