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Borderlands 2 Random and Unique Shields 5.0

Adds procedurally generated shield augmens based on BL2

  1. Balancing a new shields!

    -Balanced amplify shields, they are stronger except for "The Bee".
    Amplify sheild's lowest value is (85%), max value is up to (345%) on purple/epic shields.
    The Bee's base damage was lowered to account for lowest possible value at (161%), max value is up to (503%)
    The Bee will still be very strong, but only whith the best special modifing parts (maliwan).
    Luck/grinding should still be rewarded.

    -Increased Love Thumper's radius.

    -98.2% Sham is possible?, when all parts are maliwan.
    But the probability of it is 0.13%, you would need to spawn about 730 shams or kill dreadwing about 7300 times.
    If you count the porbability of other shields then, That number skyrockets to +22,308!, ie: don't try it.
    93.4% Sham (The 94% is the same) needs only half the kills/spawns of that.

    -Lowered drops from some bosses.
    -Made legendary shields have different probabilities of spawning.
    -Adjusted Seraph drops. And lowered Seraphs from bosses. (They were as common as uniques/darkblue)
    -Added shields to "Classic Minibosses" loot.
    -Fixed The Transformer.
    -Buffed Antagonist, reflection damage now scales.
    -Slightly buffed Roid shields.

    -Added new shield type: Turret!
    -Stores damage and when depleted a turret deals it back.
    -Requires attention to how much "charge" your shield has.
    -Depleting empties the charge.
    -Requires multiple "full shields" to reach maximum charge.

    -Added new unique: One man army.
    -Drops 4 small turrets.
    -Less capacity/max damage but recharges to full faster and does more overall damage.
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