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BlockTable plus 1.3

A table that lets you build most materials with discovery system*

  1. 0.10 'Apex figure it out'

    Added Apex table at apex apartments.
    -added new blocktable; apexcoolblocktable
    -added new object; Mopandbucket
    -added new object; Pileofbricks
    -made all three new objects spawn in apex apartments


    Repriced alot of blocks (more expensive).
    Changed some recipes (more logical ingrediants).

    Next update will be 1.0 which should just be a balance and bug test update.

    I will also post...
  2. v0.9 avians take flight + craft all rock types

    -added new avian table graphic


    -new avian table now spawns in some avian villages
    -all rock# materials can now be crafted uot of cobble (recipes learned on cobblestone pickup)
    -concrete is now crafted with 1 limestone and one sand and can be learned on pickup of limestone
    -ashphalt is now crafted wih 1 tar and one gravel
    -gravel can no longer be crafted
  3. The floran Invasion

    -Added new floran block table graphics

    -New floran table now spawns in the floran village
    -repriced a few blocks incuding the steel and titanium blocks
    -a few other very small changes that i cant remember