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BlockTable plus 1.3

A table that lets you build most materials with discovery system*

  1. Balance and Recipes

    In have gone thopugh and changed/balanced/added over 60 recipes. too many for me to list them all.
  2. Adding a few missing blocks

    added 'grassy' and 'grassyrock' materials. if thier are any other blocks i have missed please feel free to leave a message in the 'Discussion' tab.
  3. Modernising

    this update brings the ui inline with the new colour scheme for starbound and adds a few new blocks from the glad gairaffe update.
  4. Glad Giraffe Compatability

    this simply fixes a few crashes caused by glad giraffe.

    any new blocks still to added.
  5. Pleased Giraffe

    Added Pleased Giraffe Compatability and added a few blocks from the update

    note the bioluminescent block dont have a name for some reason.
  6. Bug Fixed

    A Bug fixed and a couple prices tweaked
    (+ mabey a new microdungeon (I've made it so rare I havent found one myself apart from when less rare during testing))
  7. small bug fix

    fixed bugs:
    -woodenplatforms("platform") are no longer a blocktableplus recipe but woodenplatforms("woodenplatorm") still is once decoverd in a dungeon.
    -a couple name fix's
  8. MCB compatibility and some declutter

    -direstone and blaststone are defualt recipes for the bt+ (this removes conflict with Capt_slowpoke's more craftable blocks ).
    - removed about 13 pointless "learned blueprint" messages.
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  9. see update below

    the update failed so im trying again
  10. Is3 & S3r1ous Mods Compatability

    removed slime as a recipe for compatability with modpack S3r1ous Mods and and mod choke le fish