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bk3k's Tech Helper 1.10

Better way to enable techs.

  1. Cleaner UI, more options.

    UI Changes
    • The requirements area is larger to display a longer "shortdescription" for your unlock items.
    • This area and the unlock button are better centered for a better overall look. 1.0 was a little sloppy.
    • The requirements area will now display the icon from your unlock items - and features automatic scaling in case you use larger/more detailed icons!
    • Much better automatic pluralization of an item's "shortdescription" and also the opportunity to override this in the UI config ("Ancient Essence" already is).
    Support Options
    • Player currency ("money", "essence", etc) is now accepted to unlock your techs. The UI would show it before, but it didn't actually work. Now it does.
    • New "excludeSpecies" array option in "requirements". Does the opposite of "species". The intent is you could have one version of a tech just for a particular race, and another version for everyone else. You'd probably want to exclude the regular version for that race then.
    • I was thinking there may have been some combinations of requirements before that might not have worked, but now I think they should after a little re-coding. The replacement code is also a little clearer.

    Note I also added a couple example files to make clear how little you actually need to add in your patch files. One that covers you adding
    "includes" : [ "bk3k_techHelper", "bk3k_Techs" ],
    in your _metadata, and one that works without doing so (just a little extra patch work).
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