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bk3k's More Powerful Techs 2.04

improved upon some techs to make them fun and useful

  1. more stuff, easier, Steam workshop

    There are more steps in between Sustained Dash and Sustained FTL
    Sustained Double Dash
    Sustained Insanity Dash

    I removed the random shake from Unlimited multijump's hover mode because it began to annoy me.

    The techs take less energy than before, and I may re-balance them later(such as hover mode's energy consumption being affected by local gravity and current vertical velocity).

    Certainly I'm overdue on re-coding these things, but whatever they work for now. Just don't judge me based off this terrible code. I'm quite a bit better now than when I last messed with the code for these.

    I figured out a better way to give access to the techs - be it new or existing characters. I really should give credit though. The method was inspired by what Stargazer's Dream does, but I did things a bit different... and probably better IMO. I patched techupgradegui.config to add a script on the end. My short script hooks techupgradegui.lua instead of replacing it. So that mod shouldn't conflict with mine. In fact I don't think anything should because I'm not replacing a single vanilla asset.

    Also... this is now on Steam Workshop for those who prefer that route.
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