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bk3k's blocks and objects - formerly lighted platforms 2.4.03

Stuff you didn't know you needed til now

  1. bk3k's blocks and objects - formerly lighted platforms

    "Good enough for now" version. Most of this was going to be part of the updated(not done quite yet) Shipyard Rebuilt update, but I decided to split this stuff off and just make it a requirement of SR when it is updated. That simplifies things and lets easily people use my objects even if they don't want my shipworld. But much of what's here is designed to match the shipyard(lunar base blocks mostly). Not everything here is really done, but I'll just release now and improve/add...
  2. small sound effect fix

    Starbound switched from .wav files for sound effects to .ogg. This update does nothing but references the .ogg files so you have sound effects while walking upon the platforms again, and to remove slightly annoying errors from Starbound.log/stdout.txt. Granted not many people are going to care about that last part except fellow modders.

    If you already have 1.2 and don't care about the sound effects or log, then you really don't have any real reason to update as 1.2 still works fine.

  3. Version 1.2 - Tabula Rasa integration

    Well since Tabula Rasa is back, I knew I had to add compatibility. And so I have. But why stop there?

    As I stated before, I hate clogging vanilla crafting tables up, but I'm also not a big fan of having a million mod stations either(except when the stations themselves are especially cool). So rather than just adding in Tabula Rasa compatibility and calling it a day, I went ahead and made my own button within it. So they are easy to find when you need to make them, and you'll never...
  4. 1.1.1 - Typo fix

    I THOUGHT I had fixed this already before the release of 1.1. I am mistaken. Platform 4 had a missing character that resulted in you picking up a "Perfectly Generic item" upon removing it. Now you get a "Lighted Platform 4" as you should.
  5. It's a platform. It's a light. Now with colored light options!

    Version 1.1 changes

    * There are now 7 colors choices available.
    1 - white
    2 - yellow
    3 - pink
    4 - aqua
    5 - red
    6 - green
    7 - blue

    * The description should tell you what light color it will be.

    * If you place different color platforms near each other, you will mix the color of the light. Try it! Or if they are separate, the area between them will have a variable light shade.

    * You can use the paint tool to change the color of the platform itself, but this will...