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bk3k's blocks and objects - formerly lighted platforms 2.4.03

Stuff you didn't know you needed til now

  1. Fixed issue with FU update

    FU has a new SAIL system. And I had some mostly (not totally) complete pet spawning code that I hadn't intended to release yet anyhow. It appears to have snuck in and was causing problems when using the new FU-enchanced SAIL.

    So I disabled the patches adding code in... that I didn't intend to add in the first place LOL.
    And if I get around later to pick that project back up, I'll make sure it works with FU's stuff too.
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  2. Another Vepr fix

    Forgot to make object persistent. So the ship lockers lost their content, sorry. Now fixed.

    If you aren't using the Vepr ship, I suppose this update doesn't really matter to you.
  3. minor fix

    One Vepr block was dropping another similar block's material item.

    Some small description changes.

    If you haven't already, delete the old version first.
  4. Delete old version and read update.

    Again delete your old version of this mod. If using Shipyard Rebuilt and/or Vepr Ship mods, also delete and re-download those as well.

    Ahead of putting it on Steam, I moved the actual assets for the Vepr Ship mod into this one for the same reason Shipyard Rebuilt assets are. This mod is now a prerequisite for the Vepr ship mod. That makes it easier for those running servers to support the Vepr...
  5. Pick up your crafting station

    * Quinch pointed out some issues with the recipes, and now they are fixed.
    * I also made some recipes learned upon picking up the crafting station, thus the update title.
    * I increased the build batch size for some blocks, because building more at once is faster when you want a lot.
    * Changed the description on some things
    * I forgot to point out last update, but my black glass variants are now sloped. It isn't the vanilla sloped template though. The vanilla template sometimes doesn't work...
  6. Dynamic glowing platform, rail-enabled doors.

    I added automatic glowing platforms that only appear when the player is near and join together dynamically. They will not appear for NPCs and monsters.

    The airlock/hatches are now rail-enabled. Put any rail on both sides of it, and the rail will connect when the door is open. You can pick any spot to place them, and any material with "rail" in the name should work so mod rails should work too.

    I added a crafting station (blatantly reused old assets), so you don't necessarily need Tabula...
  7. Some assets moved from SR for easier server support

    Some assets previously present in Shipyard Rebuilt are now moved here. This is for easier server support. You can't craft these items without SR, but they won't turn to PGIs or dirt as long as the server has this mod.

    The obvious advantage is the server can support shipyard users, but without forcing all users to have a shipyard. So I think that is better.

    Nothing new content wise... yet. Coming soon I have some sweet energy platforms that appear only when you get near them. They...
  8. More chamelon door sizes, a platform hatch, fixed proximity sensor node when doors not automatic

    Yep chameleon doors are in more sizes now to fix more scenarios where being 2 tiles thick is too thick. They're available in [2 x 8], [1 x 8], [1 x 4], [2 x 2], [8 x 2], [8 x 1], [4 x 1] all with or without wire nodes.

    I have a version of my horizontal airlocks with built in lunar base platforms(the doors originally where made to match the lunar base stuff). This is inspired by the platform hatches mod, but my implementation is a bit different. I'm using the actual lunar platforms when...
  9. Chameleon Doors!

    I suppose I should update here too and not just the workshop. What was I thinking?

    Chameleon doors implementation is improved. Available in 2 x 8 and 8 x 2 varieties, Wire nodes or none. More sizes will probably follow.

    I added a horizontal liquidlock too.
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  10. Now with Chameon Doors!

    Yes, chameleon doors. They check above and below themselves (or to the sides if horizontal) in the foreground or background. Whatever block they first find, they perfectly mimic that block. Stone blocks mean stone doors. Platforms make for platform doors. Glowing blocks make for glowing doors. Blocks that burn you make for doors that burn you. I don't believe any modded block is a problem.

    You can paint them - block by block. They retain the color!

    Available in 2 x 8 and 8 x 2...