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bk3k's blocks and objects - formerly lighted platforms 2.4.03

Stuff you didn't know you needed til now

  1. Some assets moved from SR for easier server support

    Some assets previously present in Shipyard Rebuilt are now moved here. This is for easier server support. You can't craft these items without SR, but they won't turn to PGIs or dirt as long as the server has this mod.

    The obvious advantage is the server can support shipyard users, but without forcing all users to have a shipyard. So I think that is better.

    Nothing new content wise... yet. Coming soon I have some sweet energy platforms that appear only when you get near them. They don't exist until a player is near. Better still, these objects are position aware with respect to others. Like many tiles do, these use different frames when another one is next to it to appear joined together.

    So consider them as much "proof of concept" as great content. Well once I work out a certain bug I'll release them.

    I suppose it is also true that the underlying (portable version) automatic doors code is newer too. The as-yet not enabled platforms use the "scanBox" option added to it (an optional replacement for radius based scans). I probably have more tinkering and testing before that makes it's way Lornlynx's actual mod.
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