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bk3k's blocks and objects - formerly lighted platforms 2.4.03

Stuff you didn't know you needed til now

  1. bk3k's blocks and objects - formerly lighted platforms

    "Good enough for now" version. Most of this was going to be part of the updated(not done quite yet) Shipyard Rebuilt update, but I decided to split this stuff off and just make it a requirement of SR when it is updated. That simplifies things and lets easily people use my objects even if they don't want my shipworld. But much of what's here is designed to match the shipyard(lunar base blocks mostly). Not everything here is really done, but I'll just release now and improve/add incrementally.

    lighted platforms - updated to work again

    a lighter black glass - because I love the look of blackglass but wanted it more transparent/less blocking

    medium black glass - in between the lighter and regular for when you want more subtle changes

    pressurisedGlowSteel - pressurized durasteel but with a subtle glow(which matches the actual color of the block). Also stronger.

    - allows passage of anything... except liquids! The basic look is from the black glass, but almost totally transparent for a real ethereal look. If you paint it black, it becomes invisible! Therefore you see only the liquid - perhaps suspended in mid air. That can work well to compliment my pipes flow mod - invisible block around the pipe that DOESN'T allow liquid flow (thus to complete the illusion).

    (2 x 8) door I designed to match the lunar set(most vanilla doors are only 5 tall). I like it anyhow. I can make more designs later. This door is animated when closed, and has more closing/opening frames than vanilla doors do thus making the closing/opening smoother. It is using a built-in automatic doors script too. It will open when it detects either player or vehicle. This is fortunate as it is large enough for small vehicles to pass through.

    2 input and output nodes. The first input will work like you expect. The second is an alternative that doesn't prevent you from manually opening or opening automatically. The first output node works like you'd expect. The second output node only outputs when a player(or vehicle) is detected. This makes the door essentially a proximity sensor too, so there are many options on how to wire these things up.

    At present it doesn't require any anchors. So you can just place it in mid-air. Maybe I'll change it later but this was easier for testing purposes.

    horizontal airlock door - same as above, but horizontal. (8 x 2)

    upgraded airlock - doesn't allow the passage of liquids... mostly. I seem to be hitting an engine limitation/fluke, but it still does pretty good in this way. The waterblocks do better. But this has a nice energy field type animation when it is open. I don't have a horizontal one yet, but need one.

    Honestly I hate the art, so call this placeholder art. Well I'm not really much of an artist anyhow, but I think I can do better than this. Or maybe some kind soul could ...if you don't mind your art being open usage. For now I nixed the animation too. I'll probably upgrade this later with an automatic sensing sprinkler system(uses water from nearby container etc). I made it for my space farming dome, and I think people will love the dome when SR is re-released. Not so sure they'll keep the lights.

    Very big containers. I stole borrowed the gui from megalocker (http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/mega-locker.1475/) because I didn't want to make my own GUI quite yet. I'll probably change this out later - if for no other reason than to have persistent storage, sorting etc.

    My thinking though on the capacity - versus (x, y) size - is that this was for a station and that station had plenty of 'z' dimension. In other words they're really deep. And I wanted massive storage. They already are animated, but I'll probably want to add an opening animation later. And maybe improve upon their look somewhat.

    Something like the ancient platforms - that only appear when you get really close(reverse of automatic doors)

    I'll have signs but they aren't here yet(mostly for labeling your warehouse).

    More blocks could be added for sure.

    A mini "door" that's a "pipe end" to compliment my pipes flow mod.

    More door designs.

    Larger version of the doors to accommodate larger vehicles like the sweet mod vehicles out there.

    Maybe a platform hatch version of some doors(it is a neat idea)

    Oh and I really think you'll like the tubes... a lot. At least once they're here.
    Objects that
    You walk/travel inside of(12 tiles wide)
    self-fill in background blocks,
    clean up after themselves if you remove them,
    remember changes you made and restore the change upon being placed again.
    are modular and thus fit together in many different configurations.
    Probably have versions that emulate vacuum tubes.
    Dome contained moon(etc) cities here we come! Yes complimentary meteor resistant domes are a likely followup.

    oh and pictures/gifs probably later.
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