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bk3k's blocks and objects - formerly lighted platforms 2.4.03

Stuff you didn't know you needed til now

  1. Version 1.2 - Tabula Rasa integration

    Well since Tabula Rasa is back, I knew I had to add compatibility. And so I have. But why stop there?

    As I stated before, I hate clogging vanilla crafting tables up, but I'm also not a big fan of having a million mod stations either(except when the stations themselves are especially cool). So rather than just adding in Tabula Rasa compatibility and calling it a day, I went ahead and made my own button within it. So they are easy to find when you need to make them, and you'll never need to scroll past them when looking for something else. I'd love to see more mods do the same.

    The slight downside is that Tabula Rasa is now required. But that is a very small downside because everyone should be using it anyhow.

    There is not currently another reason for anyone to update this mod beyond that (for now). So if the Tabula Rasa requirements bugs you, just stick with version 1.1. I do have some improvements to make soon though.
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