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bk3k's blocks and objects - formerly lighted platforms 2.4.03

Stuff you didn't know you needed til now

  1. It's a platform. It's a light. Now with colored light options!

    Version 1.1 changes

    * There are now 7 colors choices available.
    1 - white
    2 - yellow
    3 - pink
    4 - aqua
    5 - red
    6 - green
    7 - blue

    * The description should tell you what light color it will be.

    * If you place different color platforms near each other, you will mix the color of the light. Try it! Or if they are separate, the area between them will have a variable light shade.

    * You can use the paint tool to change the color of the platform itself, but this will not affect the color of light given off. You may still enjoy to do so anyhow. This was true of the original version as well.

    * The recipe has changed. It now takes 5 iron bars and 5 core fragment ore to give you 100 lighted platforms. That might seem generous, but I was wanting this to be something you would want to use while mining and without hesitating to leave them behind (anymore than you would hesitate to leave torches or wood platforms behind). These can replace both your torches and your platforms while mining. Yet if they where too expensive... then I don't think most would consider doing so.

    * The lighted platforms are still produced at the iron crafting table(at least for now).

    * There are now 3 brightness choices. Upon extracting the .zip file, you have 3 folder options. Only add the option you want to the Starbound\giraffe_storage\mods folder. Supposing you try the full brightness first and think it is too bright for you, just delete it and try the 75% brightness option. If that still is too much for your tastes, try the 50% brightness option. Only copy one over at a time, or Starbound will likely crash upon loading. Moving directly from one version to another should not cause any problems as long as you delete the version you don't want.

    * The original white lighted platform has been internally renamed for consistency reasons. This has had the effect that any 1.0 lighted platforms within your inventory will become "Perfectly Generic Item"(s), sorry. But the ones you have already placed should continue to function, and upon removal should not become a "Perfectly Generic Item."

    * As with updating any mod, delete the old version first! In this case I'm pretty sure Starbound will crash upon loading if you fail to do this. It isn't my fault if you didn't delete the old version first!

    * I don't think I made any mistakes in this version. Rather I made plenty of them while making it, but I think I hammered them out myself. Everything seems to work good on my end. But if you do find any bugs, tell me and I'll try to fix them ASAP.
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