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Outdated Biologically-Correct Torsos v0.2.5 (Tiers 1+2 & AVF)

Do birds, fish and plants really need, uh, those?

  1. charity236
    Biologically-Correct Torsos
    v0.2.5 (Tiers 1+2 and Avian Tail Feathers) - for Enraged Koala
    a mod by charity236

    Real birds, fish, amphibians and plants don't have mammaries or belly buttons*, so why should anthro ones? Here's an aesthetic mod for anyone who's bugged by this sort of thing, or wants to make certain races look that little bit more alien.
    * Animals can have scars after removal of the umbilical cord or yolk sac, but they usually heal and/or get covered up by fur or feathers.


    I chose this little project to ease myself into modding Starbound. There's a lot of clothing to edit, but with roughly a decade of spriting experience under my belt, it won't be difficult... just tedious. :p


    • Flatter female busts - Avian, Floran and Hylotl
      • Base body sprites
      • Chargen icons
      • Starter clothing
      • Tier 1 and 2 armour (where necessary; not all armour has a female version)
    • Navels removed (both genders) - Avian, Floran and Hylotl
    • Optional body parts
      • Tail feathers - Avian

    To Do:
    • Edit armour in ascending order of tiers (3-10)
    • Gradually edit clothing
    • Tweak previously-completed sprites where needed, particularly Floran stuff
    • More optional body parts (tails, fins etc), for sexual dimorphism and to set the other races further apart from Humans

    Future Ideas:
    • Optional flat chests for the other three default races (Human, Apex and Glitch), for whatever reasons people might want them.
    • Compatibility/inclusion of other aesthetic and race mods.
    • A separate mod for a third gender (that is, biological sex - the asset files call it gender), using the sprites from this mod. I'm not sure it's possible at this point in the Starbound beta, though.

    Basic Installation:
    Download the .zip file and open it, or extract it somewhere like your desktop. Copy the 'BiologicallyCorrectTorsos' folder to your /Starbound/mods/ directory.

    Addon Installation:
    NOTE: This will overwrite the original BCT files, so make sure you keep the .zip file as a backup!
    Open the included 'Optional Files' folder, then pick the folder with the addon you want. Copy its contents to your /Starbound/mods/BiologicallyCorrectTorsos directory.

    Delete the 'Biologically-Correct Torsos' folder from your /Starbound/mods/ directory.

    Known Issues:
    As BCT grows, you may find females of the unedited races (Human, Apex and Glitch) wearing edited clothing, which won't cover them properly. Beyond making them flat-chested as well, I haven't yet found a way to change this. If you can help, please contact me.


    Starbound - no prizes for guessing what they did! ;)
    Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks - all spritework and optimisation was done with this program
    RyuujinZERO - made the original Avian Tail Feathers mod
    Mackinz, nubnubbud - request of and assistance with Avian Tail Feathers

    Permissions for Reuse:
    Feel free to share BCT with others or make your own changes to it - I only request that you give me credit, and tell me what you're doing with it! :)
    The only exception to this is adding BCT to a mod compilation. You must get my consent before doing so.


    Comments, critique and suggestions are very welcome. I hope you enjoy my mod! :D
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. LunSei
    Version: v0.2.5 (Tiers 1+2 & AVF)
    Much better now!
  2. Pixelguru26
    Version: v0.2.5 (Tiers 1+2 & AVF)
    Glad to see some evolutionary logic applied to things! *warning:Lots of text coming*
    Unless all Vanilla races were skin/psychology-deep human-modification experiments, in all cases of the avians, hylotl, and floran body structure is a disadvantage to them-for the avians and hylotl, a useless bit of added drag in air/water. For the florans, again a useless body structure change that drains overall resources (if only slightly). And, seeing as they are a hunting race, such body shapes would only serve to get in the way as they (for example) crawl through tight spaces/sneak up on prey. In the wild, even the slight scratch of a sliding leaf is enough to alert prey animals. Personally, I'm a stickler for logic being applied to fictional species. So here this mod is, adding one more step in that direction. *insert thumbs-up here*
  3. DragynHart
    Version: v0.2.5 (Tiers 1+2 & AVF)
    It's a well made mod, but I do agree a little with the idea that it is not entirely based on the right logic (except I'll actually explain.)

    Yes, real life plants, birds, and fish do not have breasts, but these are aliens from another world in a sci-fi story--they can't really be held to conventional Earth logic.
    After all, Florans bleed and rely on meat and the like for sustenance, Hylotl can breath air and don't dry out, Avians can make facial expressions with their beaks, and all of them behave more like mammals than the creatures they resemble. So our idea of biological accuracy technically doesn't apply to them.

    Still, I can see the reasoning and why some would be bugged by it, and the mod is nicely made. Kudos.
  4. sciguy007
    Version: v0.2.5 (Tiers 1+2 & AVF)
    Mod looks really good.
    I would like to suggest the inclusion of the "drumsticks" mod, as well.
  5. Damiano de' Caretti
    Damiano de' Caretti
    Version: v0.2.5 (Tiers 1+2 & AVF)
    Ehm...well...I guess that's right...unless we ask the developers
  6. Uboa Noticed You
    Uboa Noticed You
    Version: v0.2.5 (Tiers 1+2 & AVF)
    Great mod! It's nice to see some more biological accuracy. Small request: Could you implement support for the Drumsticks mod? Also, perhaps change the level of sexual dimorphism between florans? I think I read somewhere that since they reproduce asexually there isn't really a proper male/female biological binary.
  7. Darkwhip
    Version: v0.2.5 (Tiers 1+2 & AVF)
    The mod is nicely made, but it's based on a completely wrong logic..
    1. charity236
      Author's Response
      How do you think it should work, then? (Just stating something is wrong does nothing; explaining -why- lets me know how it could be improved.)
  8. Vuldreg
    Version: v.0.2.1 (Tiers 1+2)
    nice rework for the bodies, Next just need a mod made to get chicken eggs that i could hatch chickens from then I'd be able to have a really cool home for my Avian.
  9. specktre
    Version: v0.2 (Tiers 1+2)
    This is great, thank you so much. There is no reason for these aliens to have breasts.
  10. ProfessorPi
    Version: v0.1 (Proof of concept)
    Thank you for doing this, I found it to be very odd at times when coming across a species that was not a mammal that for some reason had breasts and belly buttons just kinda showing off out there. Even as a male who loves everything about boobies I found the vanilla form of female non-mammal species having knockers and belly buttons to be an eyesore.