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Outdated Bio Engineering 1.5

Allows players to create advanced items that modifies player's abilitys.

  1. Huge Cosmetic update thanks to user "eLe".

    Hello everyone and this time we got a huge cosmetic update thanks to the awesome spriter "eLe"

    She has in fact remade the stations to look more vanilla and nicer. She also edited a numerous amount if items including solutions, fluids, and more! She also fixed the carfting interface to look better and less annoying and sloppy. You owe this update to her.

    here is her profile page, incase you want to that him for making...
  2. Another largeish update!

    Hell everyone, I'm back with a largish update for this growing mod.

    As usual lets start of with new items.

    MOAR GUNZ! yes more guns as follows.

    Shotgun, Gasthrower.

    There is now a shotgun for the levitation, and low gravity gases.

    There is now a gas thrower for the levitation, and low gravity gases.

    A gas thrower is like a flame thrower but it spits out gas instead.

    Each one of the new weapons also has...
  3. Major hot fix plus a for give me gift.

    So how is it going every one.. eh eh ehh I hope you haven't noticed my error, but I'm fixing it.

    Forgotten to add the guns .recipe file to the player config like a dumb dumb. So as a forgive me gift I added a levitation shot gun. A sneak peak at the next update ;)
  4. Cosmetic Changes and fixes.

    Hey everyone here are just some minor cosmetic changes and fixes that make my mod look more smeaxy.

    To start of, the pistols, yes the pistols. They have the same exact sprite as each other almost, and its just a reskin of the ageisalt so I changed each one of them to their own custom image.

    Next armor gear. The armor didn't completely fit on your face so I fixed that.

    I think one more thing but I'm not sure, so...
  5. Small update, balancing changes.

    I just realized how hard it was to get cell materia and how boring it was grinding so I added something

    First of all one new item, cell materia specimen. 5 of these make one cell materia

    How do you get these? well to get these kill monsters. Do have a better chance to find cell materia specimens go to planets with a risky danger level. Also birds can drop it but it's not a likely as monsters.

    To make cell materia, put...
  6. Large update new things, cosmetic changes, guns, and more!

    So hi every one, this is yet another update for my growing mod...

    Lets start off with new items! oh yeeeahhh...

    [Levitation Pistol], not the in game name, but still you get the point, this bad boy is considered tier two so it is not all too powerful on attack and energy drain. However I still think you guys will be using this at end game for many reasons ;)

    [Low Grav Pistol], like the levitation pistol, with a few tweaks on the sprite, and a different...
  7. Medium Sizaed update, new item, crafting changes, balancing, new cell type, and more!

    Hey everyone, I'm back with a decent update for this young mod! yay.

    To start of lets go over the new items!

    Glow cell, It's kind of hard to get.

    Solutions system, now you craft solutions which can be used to craft fluids, which can then be drank to get awkward effects, or use it to craft other gear.

    BOMBS! yes, bombs there is only one bomb, the levitation bomb at the moment, throw this at a creature and they...
  8. New items, Script clean up, and cosmetic changes.

    With this new small update I added a couple more items as follows...

    Jump fluid- gives you a 1 min jump boost

    Advanced Jump Fluid- A better edition of jump fluid

    Speed fluid- Makes you run faster.

    Bionic Speed Visor- New armor piece.

    That's all for that.

    Recipe Changes, bionic armor visors now don't cost a scoter's head set allowing to be compatible with other races.

    Crafting the of fluids now give you 5 instead of one for balancing.

    Also changes the armor to look cooler ;)...