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Outdated Bio Engineering 1.5

Allows players to create advanced items that modifies player's abilitys.

  1. Huge Cosmetic update thanks to user "eLe".

    Hello everyone and this time we got a huge cosmetic update thanks to the awesome spriter "eLe"

    She has in fact remade the stations to look more vanilla and nicer. She also edited a numerous amount if items including solutions, fluids, and more! She also fixed the carfting interface to look better and less annoying and sloppy. You owe this update to her.

    here is her profile page, incase you want to that him for making the mod look more smeaxy. http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?members/ele.14681/

    She also edited the icons for the stations, so no longer are they some annoying blobs of pixels.

    All I did was implement it and fix one bug where my interface icons were messing with the games crafting table weapon icon.

    So thanks again eLe

    And enjoy everyone!
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