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Outdated Bigger Chests v0.78b Enraged Koala

Craft bigger chests with higher storage capacity.

  1. v0.46 + official modloader support

    Now supporting the newest version of KrazyTheFox's modmanager as well as Starbounds official modloading system. No more editing of anyones bootstrap file.

    -severly nerfed plant growth from its testing values
    -added chest48.config
    -all new chests from now will use a new naming convention internally
    -added large avian chest
    -added large floran chest
    -changed "Avian Medium Chest" to "Medium Avian Chest" so its more consistent
    -added large eye chest
    -changed "Medium sized Bone Chest" to "Medium Bone Chest"
    -changed the descriptions of medium and large bone chests to mention their size
    -changed rarity of large bonechest to "Uncommon"
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