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Outdated Bigger Chests v0.78b Enraged Koala

Craft bigger chests with higher storage capacity.

  1. Added a new size-class as well as new recipes

    I hope you guys had nice holidays. tldr in the changelog below.

    Lots of internal work has been done and I'm still not finished finalizing the concept for this mod. I've added new recipes to craft all basic chests with raw materials and to upgrade them with raw materials as well. Right now you still have the option to craft bigger chests from smaller ones, but that might change. Material costs in the recipes are experimental and quite low right now, I'll propably make some changes along the way, but I won't be able to make a final decision until Starbound itself is in a more finished state.
    I took advantage of merge to reduce some config file sizes and to merge some recipes into player.config and some .species files. Different races will now start out with slightly different recipes available, but at least one chest recipe will always be available to everyone, everything else is subject to change though.
    Adding recipes and material cost to chests also gives them an idea of 'value' and I don't know how to balance that. I hope that chucklefish will add support for scripts on chests in the future, so I can make them more interesting, but in my testing so far it didn't work.

    -added recipes for basic chests, and made different races start out with different recipes:
    -all: primitive chest
    -all but floran: Old chest
    -avain: decorated avian chest
    -glitch: medieval chest, royal chest
    (the royal chest may be removed from the default blueprints later)

    -put in additional recipes requiring raw materials for many chests

    -basic chests can still be scanned and printed, but larger chests and biome chests can't

    -changed the name of "Old Chest" to "Basic Chest"
    -changed the name of "Basic Chest" to "Plain Chest" :p

    -added cellchest medium and large

    -added large plant chest

    -added big plain chest

    -techchests now require robotictable to upgrade and craft

    -lots of small changes to rarity and pricing of chests
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