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Outdated BetterMerchants 0.09a (Enraged Koala)

Improving your shopping experience, one shop at a time.

  1. 0.09a - Misc. bug fixes

    - Fixed Iron Chunk to Iron Bar recipe in Furnaces
    - Renamed all new furnace itemIDs in the mod to fix Industrialization conflicts
    - Those with old furnaces should not fret, as there is an included minor mod to turn the previous furnaces into the new ones. See below for more information​
    - Fixed issue with bm_blockcrate.object
    - Shipping Merchant now uses proper shop inventory
    - Also increased prices for larger containers from 500 to 1500​
    - Slightly updated...
  2. 0.09 - Actual Containment Update. So polish. Much shiny. Wow.

    Looks like the jig is up! April Fool's Day is over (at least in Europe) and now it is time for me to fix the download of BetterMerchants to something non-pranky.

    Also, before I go, here is that letter from Archer I said I was going to post:

    Hello Starbounders! I hope you enjoyed the small prank that we here at BM Co. decided to play on our loyal consumers. Hopefully your feathers aren't too ruffled from having to redownload our products, especially if you are one of our Avian...
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  3. 0.09 Containment Update

    It's pretty late right now. I'll edit in a nice letter from Archer tomorrow, but here is an update to BetterMerchants. If you find an issue with this BetterMerchants update, please consult the README.txt file and check to make sure you have the proper version installed.

    0.09 Change Log:

    - Drastically reduced file size with some wonky files
    - Edited NPCs:
    - ALL NPCs
    - Improved Interact texts
    - Made the Mall Santa especially awesome. Fox News viewers beware.
    - Sous...​
  4. 0.08c - New .pak system used

    In a morning hurry here. I packed up the 0.08c update again, this time with the new asset packer exe, and it is much smaller of a download than the unpacked version. Please enjoy, and make sure to report any and all bugs to me.
  5. 0.08c - Temporary fix for .pak issues

    Hi folks. Seems like there was an update since this morning that broke all old .pak files, including my mod. As such, the old .pak version of BetterMerchants was giving out errors like mad. However, this did not affect unpacked assets, so, while away from my computer, I have changed the download to the Mediafire link for the unpacked version of BetterMerchants. It should work just fine, but is about three times as large of a download (sorry) and will have lowered performance than before. All...
  6. 0.08c - I Give Up On Bamboo

    - Updated: Bamboo Plant
    - Now called "bm_bamboosprout" in files
    - No longer conflicts at all with Frackin' Flora
    - I gave up trying to have compatibility without completely changing the object's name in the files​
    - Updated: Bamboo Stalk
    - Now called "bm_bamboostalk" in files
    - No longer conflicts at all with with Frackin' Flora​
    - Remember to turn your brand-new Perfectly Generic Objects into Pixels at the Refinery!
  7. 0.08b - "New" plants and Sugarcane fix

    - Fixed: Miner Spawner animation issue
    - Actually works now​
    - Fixed: Sugarcane -> Sugar recipe
    - Should be properly learned upon pickup of Sugarcane
    - Moved from basic crafting window to Crafting Table window​
    - Fixed: Fuel Refinery recipe using Sugar
    Now uses 5 Sugarcane to make Bio-Ethanol instead of Sugar​
    - Added: Mushroom Spore
    - Sold by Mushroom-variety Landscaper merchants...​
  8. 0.08a - Avian Quartermaster Spawner fix

    - Fixed Avian Quartermaster Spawner
    - Remembered to talk about Avian Quartermaster Spawner in mod post
    - Oops​
  9. 0.08 - The Balancing Update


    Hello Starbounders! This is a medium-sized update, but let it be known that we at BM Co. spent quite a while perfecting it.

    This time around, the focus was not about introducing new items, but perfecting our delivery systems so that you, the customer, would have a much easier time accessing merchandise.

    In addition to the release of the Accelerated Signal Station MK. IV, our associates at BlackMarket Industries have agreed to...
  10. 0.07a - .modinfo fixed... again

    Fixed the .modinfo error, which was causing crashes. Please delete the old download, and replace it with this new version.

    If you find any other bugs, please inform me ASAP. I will fix them as time allows.