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Outdated BetterMerchants 0.09a (Enraged Koala)

Improving your shopping experience, one shop at a time.

  1. 0.08b - "New" plants and Sugarcane fix

    - Fixed: Miner Spawner animation issue
    - Actually works now​
    - Fixed: Sugarcane -> Sugar recipe
    - Should be properly learned upon pickup of Sugarcane
    - Moved from basic crafting window to Crafting Table window​
    - Fixed: Fuel Refinery recipe using Sugar
    Now uses 5 Sugarcane to make Bio-Ethanol instead of Sugar​
    - Added: Mushroom Spore
    - Sold by Mushroom-variety Landscaper merchants for ~20 Pixels
    - Takes 10 minutes to grow
    - Gives Mushrooms (1 or 2) on harvest
    - Also Applies to naturally generated mushroom objects​
    - Spores can also be found by harvesting naturally generated mushroom objects from Mushroom minibiomes on certain Forest planets
    - Only applies to newly found mushrooms​
    - Added: Blue, Red, and Yellow Flower Seeds
    - Sold by all Landscaper merchants for ~10 Pixels
    - Takes 5 minutes to grow
    - Give corresponding Petals (3 or 6) on harvest
    - Also applies to naturally generated flower objects​
    - Seeds can also be found by harvesting naturally generated flower objects
    - Only applies to newly found flowers​
    - Plans made for integrating the Containers mod made
    - Thinking about combining all changes I've made to vanilla crops in BetterMerchants in a side mod for people only interested in those changes
    - Attempted to ensure compatibility with Frackin' Flora's recent changes to Bamboo
    - Procrastinated on homework for you guys. Time to get back to it! :D

    Please report any bugs TO ME. Especially, please do not bother sayter (Frackin' Flora creator) with bugs while you have BetterMerchants installed
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